the deal

so, this is the deal.  I've built and set three one of a kind necklaces.  No pics, though, because  I'm the world's worst photographer.  I hope to have some posted before we leave for Dunedin, FL on Friday.
Rick is the resident shutterbug.  I think we'll squeeze in a photo shoot in the a.m.

cephalopods and sea urchins

I like the word "cephalopod".  And it seems I've been dreaming of them lately-  I'm back in the studio, and all of my forgings are taking on these mysterious forms- tentacles and jellyfish, creatures of the deep.

Every couple of weeks I head to my "treehouse"- my little studio, under the big oak- and start a new batch of work.  I don't draw the pieces, I simply choose some cool sea shells, and a few stones I like with them...  and then I usually leave and goof off for the rest of the day.  And I let what I saw incubate until the next day.

Well, now I'm into the thick of it- I've been hammering out loads of silver wire into all kinds of fantastic swirls and undulating waves.  Today they will start coming together with the other elements I've chosen.  I can't wait to see what they'll become.  I'll post photos soon.